The Wallace House and Old Dutch Parsonage Association

Dedicated Supporters of Two National and State Historic Treasures
Keeping History Alive – Coming Events:

The Association supports events at the sites, and through its contacts with other local historic groups also supports multi-site events and programs that contribute to the understanding of the sites in the larger context of the history of their period.

Spring Concert: Songs of NatureHistorical music by balladeer Linda Russell

Date: POSTPONED (to be advised)
Time: 1:30 pm
Place: Old Dutch Parsonage
Suggested donation: $10

Celebrate the arrival of spring with songs of the American colonies! When colonists first set foot in the New World, they found a rich, raw landscape that appeared untamed. Colonists saw nature as beautiful and yet a source of danger, a savage wilderness. Join balladeer Linda Russell as she performs music celebrating nature’s harmonies with poetic depictions of birds and flowers, but also human struggles with nature’s perils. Playing the hammered and mountain dulcimers, penny whistle and guitar, Linda sings and plays ballads, love songs, dance tunes, and working songs written in early America and brought over from the Old World.

Linda Russell is a balladeer who brings America’s past to life through song. She has served for many years as musical historian for the National Park Service at Federal Hall National Memorial and has performed at historic sites throughout New York and New Jersey.

We recommend registering for this program in advance as seating is limited. Call 908-725-1015 or email

An Appetizing Afternoon with George Washington
at the Wallace House and Old Dutch Parsonage

Date: Sunday, June 4
Time: 1 – 4 pm with seatings to hear George Washington at 1, 2 and 3 pm.
Fee: $10 for adults, $5 for children ten and under

Come hear George Washington re-enactor Dave Emerson speak at the Old Dutch Parsonage while Susan Plaisted gives a hands-on ice cream-making demonstration in the kitchen wing of the Wallace House historic site.

In early June of 1789, George Washington took his leave of “Hope Farm,” home of the Wallace family, to resume his spring campaign against the British army. Step back in time, and come hear him speak at the Old Dutch Parsonage, where he goes to say goodbye to his good friend, the Reverend Jacob Hardenbergh. At the same time, in the kitchen of the Wallace House, historic foodways expert Susan Plaisted will give a hands-on demonstration of how ice cream – one of Washington’s favorite desserts – was made in the eighteenth century. Samples will be available for visitors. This event is suitable for all ages.

Advance registration is recommended as seating is limited. Call 908-725-1015 or email to register.

Washington's First Middlebrook Encampment Symposium

Our own Jim Kurzenberger will be speaking at this event!

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